Jax Blue Quilt Cover Set

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The Jax Cotton Waffle quilt cover set delivers timeless luxury and comfort.  The chunky weave has an intriguing, springy texture unique to waffle weave sets. Functional as well as fashionable, the fabric is heavier than regular quilt covers and provides warmth. Made from 100% cotton, it has a wonderful softness and breathes easily.

This is a quilt cover set for the minimalists out here - with a completely clean, white, textured design. The design is seen paired with a woven beige blanket & matching pillowcases - leading to a subtle, calm style for your bedroom.

The design can be paired with many other colors due to its neutral nature - and looks especially good when paired with beige, brown, or black shades.

Add this relaxed look to your bedroom, and watch how well the cover works together with the rest of your bedroom.